Welcome to EIRC Foundation!

EIRC is a not-for-profit, non-governmental organization, registered in public benefit at the Ministry of Justice of Bulgaria in 2010.

The founders are stakeholders leading European and Bulgarian NGOs, operating in the field of strengthening the public administration, promoting the cooperation and integration in Europe and working at level of Bulgarian local authorities and universities.

EIRC strategy is to act as an active neutral coordination body that can facilitate the creation of local, regional, national and international platforms where public organizations, business, communities and academic organizations can collaborate strategically in an effort to stimulate regional and national growth.


The mission of EIRC is to support European Integration through promoting innovations and through development of human capital and territorial natural and productive resources.

Main Goals

EIRC recognizes that:

  • Environmental protection is the cornerstone of sustainable development;
  • Strong Partnership e.g. "SME associations and in general Civil Society Organisations" are fundamental for elaboration of politics with high level social and economic impact;
  • Science, innovation and technology are vital for economic development and quality of life;
  • Exchange of best practices within European countries in the public and private services is the base for creation of efficient management;
  • International co-operation, supported by EU programmes is an important synergic tool for development of international relations;
  • Exploration activities form a basic parameter for economic development.

Under these pre-conditions EIRC sets as its strategic targets:

  • Protection of environment
  • Integration of new technologies
  • Enhancement of international co-operation
  • Support of exploration activities and creation of relevant employment
  • Support of Public-Private Partnership (PPP) and Investment Projects
  • International Security Projects


EIRC specific objectives are as follows:

  • Undertaking the role of a mediator and a catalyst of created frictions and oppositions between institutions that are related with problems of community activity and indication of scientifically acceptable optimal solution.

  • Benefit of advisory support and proceedings to appropriate institutions that concern community activity and preservation of its natural, cultural and anthropogenic environment.

  • Study and promotion of suggestions and scientific advice to governmental institutions for improvement, modernisation and flexibility of legislative frame that conditions the development of regions, the innovative techniques of excavation and restoration of landscape, aiming at the attraction of investors and improvement of national economy.

  • Reinforcement of the cooperation between scientific research institutes (universities, technological institutes, research institutions and centres) and communities, resolution of problems and prospects of economic growth.

  • Promotion of community activity, development of relative business dexterity, support of collaboration at European and international level (clustering), search, transport and diffusion of innovative know-how regarding to the methods and techniques of confrontation of the economic-environmental consequences of the community activity, promotion of scientific research and use of research results.

  • Conducting of informative events at schools and educational seminars open to the public. Information to the public through advertising campaigns and promotion of scientists opinions via the media. Information to members of local government on compensatory profits of the growth of community activity, methods of minimisation of the environmental consequences and restoration of the environment.

  • Acquisition and implementation of European and other projects that safeguard sustainable development, international security, advance quality of life and environment, strengthen civil society, improve rational use of natural resources, broaden use of renewable energy, integrate new technologies at the service of socio-economic development, youth initiatives, upgrade human resources and support entrepreneurship that respects human values.