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Albena Stoilova

Albena Stoilova graduated from the Technical University-Sofia, Bulgaria with a Master of Science in Medical Electronics. She received her MSc in Finance and Accounting from the University of National and World Economy, Bulgaria and MBA from the University of Mining and Geology, Bulgaria. She specialized marketing and business planning at the University of Delaware, USA.

She has extensive experience as a consultant or financial manager of many EU projects
as follows:

  • JOPP (Phare Joint Venture Programme) 3 projects
  • Phare Sectoral Framework Contract (SFR 96/09) 4 projects
  • PRAQ III Quality Programme in Bulgaria 4 projects
  • Capacity Building for the Accelerated Growth of the SME Sector in Bulgaria
  • Consulting Services to SMEs and Technology Grant Scheme
  • Development of a System of VET needs analysis and Adult Training Strategy
    and many others.

Albena Stoilova has been GTZ association management consultant working closely with AMB (Association of Meat Processors in Bulgaria), BNAEOPC (Bulgarian National Association Essential Oils, Perfumery and Cosmetics) and BAIT (Bulgarian Association of Information Technologies).

Her key qualifications include: financial management, business planning, association management, SME programmes, clusters, human resource development, marketing, administration, training, translation, organizing workshops/seminars, extensive knowledge of EU programmes.

Albena Stoilova is one of the founders of EIRC Foundation and a freelancer.