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Ognian Pachev

Ognian Pachev has obtained Master's degree at the Technical University Sofia. He has specialized Operational management at the International Mediterranean Institute Nicosia, Cyprus. Mr. Pachev has a specialization in business management in Moscow and communication Courses in Washington, D.C.

Ognian Pachev has extensive experience in the field of organizing fairs and trade fairs, developing and implementing marketing strategies for building and imposing trade marks as Commercial director at the International Fair-Plovdiv. Mr. Pachev was a diplomatic job as Counsellor at the Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria in Skopje, Northern Macedonia.

In his expert practice Mr. Pachev has implemented projects under the EU IPA programme in the Republic of Northern Macedonia/09-1658/3 LOT 14 Strumica/as Project manager, as well as exploratory projects in the Western Balkans. He has Worked as a consultant "Problematic Receivables Northern Macedonia" at the Bulgarian Development Bank.

Ognian Pachev is Chief Secretary of the Bulgarian-Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and a member of the Bulgarian-Macedonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Fluent in Bulgarian, English, Russian and Macedonian languages.